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We had the best time of our lives, you and I would ever be the same?

That day in September took me by surprise, it's been so different since you're gone...

I'd never thought this could ever end, I'd never thought I would lose my Soul Partner, my boyfriend, my best friend.

Now I have to watch the seasons change and every day feels more like a year. Everything's so different now... So many things I should have said when I had the chance.

I'd never thought I would have to let you go, I'd never thought I would ever feel this way... I wish I could be there with you, in your arms... I wish I could go back...

Sometimes I think if it's better to move on, but you're the one I want and I'm sure we're gonna have the best years of our lives.


el 18 January 2008 694 Vistas

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Valeouis el 19/01/2008

El mejor momento de nuestras vidas.... y se extendera, por q aki seguimos Valentina.../ con los mismos sentimientos y la misma energia y pasion.

Creo q tus palabras aki, son unas de las mas hermosas y potentes q hayas escrito. Me gusto mucho.

No pidas perdon por kererme, por q el hecho de saber q me keres...eso,.. eso me hace feliz.

Te Amo.

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Valeouis el 18/01/2008

sorry por mi ingles

perdon por no contestar el telefono...

sorry por kererte tanto :P

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