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Remember what Popeye the Sailor said. "I y`Am what I y`Am!" You can`t please everyone, only yourself :) richardseibert at hot mail dot com I am under richardseibert on orkut and my space, and I have ICQ ( #6957224 ). I live in a beautiful northern california beach city with my wonderful wife Jaime. I am a pretty serious guy who is always trying to learn new things either on the web, from newspapers, TV, movies, chatting, or just paying attention. I also enjoy sharing what I learn (maybe some might say preaching? :) I am crazy for film festivals and chatting about movies over a strong dark roast. I love long walks and the beauty of nature. I enjoy seeing live bands play just about any type of music. Travelling and seeing new things is awesome. Trying new kinds of foods is fun, but for me it has to be vegetarian. I also really enjoy volunteering with kids and young adults, helps keep me sane and forget my stresses! If you want to see other digital photos that I have done, check my wife`s page at or starting to make backups :) ________________________________________________ WARNING! All images here are protected under Creative Commons Licenses, and are offered with proper permission from me. Coping images from this site does NOT give you authorization or permission to use them without my consent. Before you use, reproduce or distribute in any manner any image found on this site, you must first receive the express permission from me. Failure to obtain such permission is a violation under international law. ------------------------------------------------

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