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in the loop or out . if you can dream and come back and find your glass of chai is still hot , those were good pipes . and if you can change language and still keep the thread going then we must be talking about art . or women . this cafe that mika is running is a great one . seems like the customers come from many different places . with many different accents .
as someone who speaks only english and the sign language of the road i still feel at home here . so if some one will please bring me another cup of chai i will continue to read and write . this is one of my favorite oasises along the road to the future . and i will tell my friends to stop at this place to refresh themselves and pick up the news of the road . . . . . .

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  • fax_machine


    this is a proof-of-concept thing, as sort of a low-fi art project... the idea is you can doodle something on a piece of paper and fax it here, or pick something off your desk (or off the street!) and stuff it in your fax machine. We believe fax_machine is the quickest, easiest way to upload miscellaneous debris to the internet :)

  • theartproject


    a fotolog continuation of the original site theARTproject (http://www.theartproject.net): Aritsts Response to Terrorism.
    theARTproject accepted submissions for over a year following 911,
    from anyone who wanted a place to respond to the events and aftermath of September 11, 2001

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