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Sunday hike

Not so much snow on the cottage road,
much more frost for the sun to varm up!

el 07 February 2012 160 Vistas

Avatar metamucia

Metamucia el 15/03/2017

Beautiful place! :)

Avatar puppy_k

Puppy_k el 20/10/2013

Early snow this year! How about icy roads for the Halloween weekend?

Avatar hsjrsafety

Hsjrsafety el 06/03/2013

I do see you photo's posted, they are very beautiful for sure. You are a very talented photographer. Thanks for sharing.

Avatar romu_2019

Romu_2019 el 20/11/2012

_____________:D :D :D

Avatar czeqs

Czeqs el 11/11/2012


Avatar donr

Donr el 21/08/2012

snow is often beautiful

Avatar linkon123

Linkon123 el 05/08/2012

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Avatar hsjrsafety

Hsjrsafety el 07/06/2012

How very interesting this scenery is to me; especially this time of year here at the Jersey shore. Very interesting shadows. I hope all is well with you all. Have a great day.

Avatar richardseibert

Richardseibert el 15/04/2012

so beautiful, but so cold :)
have a good week!

Avatar natur_1

Natur_1 el 15/04/2012


Avatar gemma

Gemma el 11/04/2012

I'd love to be there !!
(for a little while)

Avatar mad_max_2050

Mad_max_2050 el 05/03/2012

Magical :)

Avatar arwal60

Arwal60 el 07/02/2012

A lovely winters scene,and very nice capture.
Best wishes

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